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The Real Santa Claus

If you are a faithful watcher of WVLT you have seen Santa Claus, Colleen Adair of WIVK and myself handing out teddy bears at Children's Hospital during the Christmas season.

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The Ole Fishing Hole

Last year you didn't attend as many football games, car races, play golf, or go to movies as much as you did the previous years. That's according to government report

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A Big Blue Arena

How many of you watched the Vols play Kentucky on television Saturday afternoon? Did you go to the game in Nashville?

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Super Bowl commercials then and now

We know since the Super Bowl began in 1967, it has developed into a cultural phenomenon. From the hours and hours of pre game hype to the game itself to the glamorous halftime show and to the commercials.

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Are You Christmas Friendly?

In the past few years, we've done numerous stories on many businesses doing away with Christmas greetings and going with the politically correct, "Happy Holidays". But so many people have come out in protest.

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My Memories of the S&W

For many of you, memories of the S&W cafeteria is an old boarded up building, but for so many of us baby boomers, it was a grand ole place.

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