January 26, 2015

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The news never sleeps

Camera, tripod, pens, notebooks - the typical equipment we use every day in a newsroom. But when bad weather hits, there are a few extra items we bring along.

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We finally debuted our routine - and raised A LOT of money for children, thanks to YOU.

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Solace in Hard Times - Part 1

A young mother struggling to find a job and a Pastor who hears too often members of his church are losing hope. They've turned to their faith for strength. Where do you turn?

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In need of a little extra TLC

It's always fun to have animals from Young-Williams Animal Center on the show, but Thursday, this sweet dog, who is very special, really caught our attention.

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Making A Difference

If you live in Anderson County and you can't afford medical insurance, you can finally get the care you need - FOR FREE. After a year and a half, the doors to the Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge are finally open.

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A Solid Family

Jeff and Lori Bray uprooted their entire family and moved from California to East Tennessee to support their son as he fights to play quarterback for UT. They were shocked to hear Lane Kiffin was leaving, but supportive when Tyler said he wants to stay. In this blog, you'll learn more about this wonderful family.

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