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MY SUNSHINE - "Gender Predictors"

Let's have some fun with the old wives tales and others, to see if any can "predict" the gender of our baby. :)

OK, so we've all heard some of the good ol' baby gender predictions, so let's see if any were actually right.  (Let's admit it, there's a 50/50 shot.)

So here is goes...

1. According to the Chinese Gender Predictor, based on Lunar age of mom at time of conception and date of conception, we're having a girl.

2. Baby's heart rate has been more than 140, so that means girl.  It's been in the 160's, then down to 150's.

3. I crave salty foods, not sweets, so it's a boy.

4. According to the Mayans, since my age was an even number in an odd number year at time of conception, it's a boy.  (Even age and even year mean a girl.)

5. My hair is fuller, shiner, and growing faster, so that's means it's a boy.

6. My feet are just as cold as they've always been, then it's a girl.

7. I had morning sickness, so it's a girl.

8. Another craving one... I crave meat, not fruit, so it's a boy.

OK, so the tally is:
Boy - 4
Girl - 4

Hmmm what odds!?!  ;)

Drum Roll Please........................................   IT'S A BOY!

We found out at our 16-week appointment, and we are just so excited to know and now really get to planning and prepping.  :)

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