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Music City Mess!

Upon further review, the Vols finish unfulfilled

You can call it the Music City Mess! The 13th addition of Nashville's college football bowl game turned out to be unlucky for the Big Orange. A Tennessee team that finds itself snake bitten by the system once again. It was LSU all over again , only this team there was still some extra time with which to play ball! It only delayed the inevitable, at least for coach Dooley and a team that never really had lady luck on their side this season. This young team had to fight through adversity and constantly fight for everything it earned and it darn near pulled off a remarkable finish. However fate would prove to be unkind to an over achieving mix of veterans and freshman. And it's those seniors you really feel bad for. Folks, I was actually doing an interview with Chris Walker on the field when the head official declared the game over, he was so happy and called the effort, AMAZING! But hold the phone! Seconds later the change is made and we're ushered off the field. Then to watch Chris, with tears running down his face jog off the field was absolutely heartbreaking. The 12th man was terrific all night. I mean, it was a sea of Orange inside LP field, they were loud, excited and in it all the way to the end. SEC was about to prevail over ACC and it was a beautiful thing. But it all turned sour and in an instant what was pretty turned ugly as fans began throwing soda and liquor bottles and anything else they could get their hands on down onto the field! This reporter and his crew were almost pelted! It was an unsafe situation and one I wish Vol fans had not engaged in. Nonetheless, it happened and is now part of a distasteful history for the Vol nation. You can argue the officiating, but it always comes down to coaching and the players executing and Tennessee certainly misfired in those area's Thursday night. Senior Daniel Lincoln kicking the ball low and having his PAT blocked is inexcusable. The lack of a running game prevented Tennessee from running out the clock. Penalties, including a personal foul at the end of regulation hurt the vols in the first extra period and then turnovers, two Tyler Bray picks, the second of which sealed the deal,  ended what the Vols hoped would be a very Happy new Year. Next year can still be a happy one, and it;'s something coach Dooley is banking on and a Music City Mess he hopes his team will turn into good fortune in 2011!

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