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Rick's random thoughts on sports and more
Being laid up in bed with a back injury allows a sports guy to gain a different perspective on things.

The biggest misconception is that us TV guys have the life and do nothing but watch sports while at work!

Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. Why, with producing. writing, editing and website updating to get done prior to deadline, often we find ourselves asking others in the building, "...what just happened?"

Well, a ruptured disc in my lower back has painfully allowed me to observe and critique:

For instance, at what point in time did college basketball coaches feel the need to start wearing designer suits? I mean really! These guys are basketball coaches. I wonder what John Calipari would like like wearing Bill Belichick cut-off sweat shirts?

Although, I don't think the cut-off sweat shirt look works on the golf course, which is what Belichick was wearing Saturday while playing in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. The Hoodie strikes again!

I'll tell you what also registers a little more while observing as a casual viewer, announcer speak. When did basketball get so complicated? Nothing like analyzing a little dribble drive penetration! The bottom line is putting the biscuit in the basket. If you can't score, you can't win!

Being sidelined also affords you more time, actually too much time, to spend perusing the various social networks, like Twitter where it seems everybody is a comedian. Actually, it's quite amusing and offers a neat perspective on things.

Speaking of perspective, it was evident Tennessee played for the name on he front of the jersey Saturday night in Gainesville. A couple of breaks here and there and the Vols leave the Swamp with Bruce Pearls first SEC win of the season, in what was billed as a MUST win! Instead, it turned into another reminder of the cloud which continues to hover over a program desperately seeking it's dignity both on and off the court!

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