Made in Tennessee: DW Designs

Knoxville, Tennessee You've heard the saying, they started out of a garage? For DW Designs, that's a step up after working out of a closet.

Dan and Dawn Wilson's office, warehouse, and showroom is all in their garage.

This start-up company that designs tee shirts, sweatshirts and caps showing state pride, is also making an impact nationwide. They're now in nine states.

The company started in 2014. Their first design was the slogan, "Born and Raised." It became so popular they claim at least 8 companies stole the idea, so they had to send out cease and desist letters.

The company isn't licensed to sell the Power T, but they are creative enough to get around it, honoring Peyton Manning.

"I just wanted to pay homage to him and everything he had done," said Dan Wilson.

All Made in Tennessee and straight out of their garage