5 things to know Wednesday, March 8

Photo by Terry Robinson. Used under creative commons license via flickr.com.

(WVLT)- 1. Tennessee's state "Bathroom Bill" faced delay after the bill's sponsor decided to take it "off notice" during a House subcommittee hearing Tuesday. Representative Mark Pody, Republican from Wilson County, said he was taking a step back from the legislation due to the changing legal status of similar federal bills. The bill was cosponsored by state Senator Mae Beavers.

If the bill was passed, the legislation would mandate that students in public schools use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificates. Opponents, specifically those within the LGBT community, have called this and similar bills discriminatory towards those identifying as transgender. Original story.

2. The Knox County Sheriff's Office confirmed 35-year-old Christi Ann Hampson's body was found Tuesday afternoon along the bank of the Tennessee River near Thompson Boling Arena.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agents found the body around 2 p.m. Tuesday. Hampson was reported missing after she was last seen on Feb. 21 at her home on Greylock Way in West Knox County. The Sherriff's Office said no signs of foul play had been found.

3. Knoxville police are responded to a stabbing at a West Knoxville bar Wednesday morning. Dispatch confirmed it happened at The Alley in West Knoxville just before 2:00 a.m.. Local 8 News is working to learn more information.

4. House Republican leaders are forging ahead with their health care overhaul despite strong objections from across the political spectrum. Two key committees plan to start votes on the legislation Wednesday.

With encouragement from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, the House Ways and Means Committee and the Energy and Commerce Committee will convene what are expected to be marathon sessions. More here.

5. The Sutherland Deli has been in Knoxville more than 20 years. It's now being run by one determined woman who's making a difference in the lives of every person who comes through the door.

Peggy Willard started the Sutherland Deli with her husband Kenny Willard 21 years ago. The pair was married for 52 years until Kenny's death in February 2016. "Everybody said it wouldn't last because we were 17 and 19. We proved them wrong," said Willard.

After her husband's death, Peggy decided to keep the deli open, operating it mostly by herself. Full story.