911 tapes released in Alcoa school bus fire

ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT)- 911 tapes released to WVLT are showing the hectic moments after an Alcoa City School bus caught fire Monday morning.

John Daining

29 students got off the bus safely before the fire spread. One of them called 911 from the street.

"The bus is going to blow up," the kid said in the tape.

"Hey, yes our bus is on fire," he told dispatchers as he frantically questioned his location to people nearby.

"Okay, I've already got them on the way. They're on the way to ya... get away from the bus...okay?" the dispatcher told the boy.

Students describe hearing a loud noise, the bus driver stopped the bus and that's when they saw smoke coming from the back of the bus. The driver got all the kids off the bus and to safety.

The school district said they are investigating what caused the fire, the bus has been taken in for inspection.

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