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Frenchbroad Outpost Dude Ranch

DEL RIO, Tenn.(WVLT) -- Calling all cowboys and cowgirls, welcome to the French Broad Outpost Ranch.

The head dude, Shawn Gannon is a true cowboy from the ground up.

This dude ranch is way back off the beaten path in Del Rio, Tennessee. You won't find WiFi or cell phones. It's all about reconnecting with nature, animals and family.

Never ridden a horse? No worries.

"Cause I get beginners all the time, I mean hundreds to the thousands", said Shawn Gannon.

These ladies and gents came from Greeneville.

He says even if you're a green horn he'll have you galloping before you know it.

So while Shawn's giving lessons, we headed way up on the hill to the hotel through the swinging doors of the Iron Horse Saloon.

ALAN: "I see a lot of John Wayne in here"

JO ANN GANNON: "The duke himself, we have him here in spirit.
"This is also where we have our square dance, we move all our tables around and
we have the local band come in on Friday nights".

There's 7 bedrooms all decorated in western style with quilted bedspreads and antiques.

Meanwhile down from the hotel, the guests saddle up again after lessons.

"When you use the law of physics that's the key, you lean back", said Shawn.

And from the look of things it certainly works. It's also worked up an appetite.

Hot off the grill is barbecue chicken, asparagus, potatoes and cornbread.

ALAN: "this has been here for 21 years right?

SHAWN: "that's correct".

Shawn came here after breeding Arabian horses, but wanted to open a campground. Now he's got 130 acres with 50 horses and cattle drives.

Folks come from all over the country to put on their boots, jeans and just decompress.

"It's a good family vacation, it lets you become you again," said Shawn.

Driving in your neighborhood, I'm the Tennessee traveler.

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