America's oldest clothing manufacturer calls Tennessee home

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CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Hardwick Clothes has long been a staple in Cleveland, Tennessee. In fact, after opening its doors in 1880, it's the oldest clothing manufacturer in the entire country.

They say everyone has a story. At Hardwick Clothes, their story is front and center in everything the company does.

"Hardwick is the oldest American clothing manufacturer in the United States," said Hardwick's CEO, Bruce Bellusci. "Made in the USA is a big, big asset today. But made locally is even more so. And being the oldest, it's a cool story."

Hardwick Clothes first started as a woolen mill manufacture when it first started the business in 1880. Shortly after the turn of the century, it transitioned into manufacturing tailored clothing. Today, thanks in part to the company's owner bringing in a new CEO from New York, Hardwick Clothes has reinvented itself as a premier manufacturer of men's suits.

"Our attitude is to provide really great American style," Bellusci explained. We want to be on-trend, not a trendsetter. We want to be a product that young guys will want to wear. Whether they're 30 years old or 60 years old, that their's is going to be a product that they feel good about themselves in."

From button to cuff, lapel to hem, every suit is hand made. Bellusci explained that while the company is the oldest in the country in clothing manufacturing, it's reinventing itself with an entrepreneurial attitude. And they are proud to show it right there on their sleeves.

And with the company's cool story has come big time recognition. The next time you turn on an NHL hockey game, or catch an NFL game on Thursday or Sunday night, the game callers are all wearing Hardwick. Once that caught on, the Rio Olympics came calling. When you catch this year's summer games, all the male announcers will be in their tailor made, made in Cleveland, Tennessee suits.

"That's really cool for a company that had no brand recognition. And those guys and those organizations saw that this is a great story. We are now going to be outfitting all the announcers for the Rio Olympics. That's a really big thing for a small little company here in Cleveland, Tennessee," Bellusci said.

So if you're in the market for a new suit with a unique, stylish look, button up with Hardwick. Because when you do, you'll be a part of a much bigger story.

"I think made in Tennessee, made in Cleveland, Tennessee is real important to us because it's local. And even if you're in Chicago, or New York, or Atlanta, or San Francisco, it's a cool story. Cleveland, Tennessee? I didn't even know there was a Cleveland, Tennessee!" Bellusci laughed.