Apple admits to slowing down older iPhones

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(CNN) -- Apple issued a statement Thursday saying the company has used software updates to limit older model iPhones' performance. The company said the phones may have battery issues that would cause them to turn off suddenly, CNN reports.

Analysts and customers reported in recent days the iOS updates were causing older models of the phones to slow considerably, with some claiming the updates were being used to encourage purchase of newer model iPhones.

Apple said Thursday the updates were actually made with the intent to "smooth out" peak power demands, preventing surprise shutdowns that could be caused by lithium-ion batteries wearing out over time.

However, the "smoothing out" process meant that phones would change the order of incoming commands to make sure not all commands are performed in parallel, leading to a slower operation of phone commands.

The updates were rolled out for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7.