Arizona teacher accused of punishing students by making them march in heat


GLENDALE, Ariz. (3TV/CBS 5) - An Arizona elementary school teacher is under fire after allegedly forcing her students to walk in the heat as a form of punishment.

Brittany Trofy told CBS 5 she can't grasp why her 7-year-old daughter and classmates at Luke Elementary School in Glendale were forced to walk in circles on the playground last Thursday.

Trofy claimed it was 90-plus degrees out when the kids were sent to march outside for about 20 minutes.

A school district representative confirmed to CBS 5 the second grade class was taken outside as a form of punishment, but says they were only out there for 5 minutes and checked by a school nurse.

PTSA president Annette Ahlemeyer's child is in the same class and said she supports the teacher's actions.

The director of communications and public relations for the school district said the discipline was a poor choice.