Banquet chicken nugget meals recalled

(WVLT) -- According to the USDA, Conagra Brands has recalled the Banquet chicken nugget meal trays.

Due to possible Salmonella contamination, the company has recalled the trays that include macaroni and cheese and a chocolate brownie. According to Conagra Brands, the source material used in the brownie mix may be contaminated.

The recalled products have a “BEST IF USED BY” date of July 20, 2018, and Code 3100080921. The products have the Food and Safety and Inspection Service number "P-9" on the side of the box.

Though there have been no confirmed reports, Conagra Brands was notified by a supplier about the possibility of contamination.

If you have purchased this product and have questions about this health alert, contact Conagra Brands Consumer Affairs at (800) 289-6014.