Best time to see the supermoon in Knoxville area

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Charles asked about the best time to see the next supermoon in our area.

The date for the next supermoon is Monday, November 14th but for our area Sunday night to early Monday morning is best.

Technically a supermoon is when there is a full moon near the time the moon is at it’s closest orbit around the earth. NASA is actually calling this one an “extra-supermoon” because this full moon will be the closest to date in the 21st century. Just glancing up, you may not be able to tell a dramatic different but comparing photos of a full moon to this “extra-supermoon” will reveal it’s proximity.

A full moon won’t be this close to Earth again until November of 2034.

The weather will be accommodating locally for viewing this bright night. If you have a good camera or a telescope have it ready! It will be a mostly clear night, but you’ll want to bundle up and grab a blanket because we’ll drop into the mid to upper 30s.