Buying a new iPhone? Here's what you need to know beforehand

Photo: Apple Inc

(CBS) -- With the upcoming iPhone X, it may be difficult to decide which iPhone you want to spend your money on.

Some factors which you may want to consider when buying a new iPhone are: price, size, screen, camera and the release date of the phone among other things.

When looking at price, consider that you could spend up to $1,500 on a new iPhone. The iPhone 8 starts at $688, the iPhone 8 Plus begins at $799 and the cheapest iPhone X will be $999.

All of those quotes are before tax, Apple Care and extra storage. To offset the costs, you can enroll in the Apple Upgrade Program which allows you to pay off your phone over a 24-month period. After you've made half of the payments, you can upgrade to a new phone.

Size can be a deciding feature as well. The iPhone 8 Plus gives you a 5.5-inch screen, but is bigger. The iPhone 8's 4.7-inch screen is easier to handle, but unfortunately cuts off some of the screen size to accommodate that. The iPhone X manages to have a larger screen, at 5.8-inches, but is not as heavy and easier to maneuver.

With the release of the new iPhone 8, the Plus, and the X, the screens themselves have changed beyond their size. They each have True Tone technology which adjusts the warmth of the screen to the ambient lighting.

However, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have HD retina displays like previous iPhones, the iPhone X has Super Retina display with more pixels per inch. It's also the first iPhone that uses OLED and HDR technology for its display. This adds to the color display.

For the more nostalgic of us, the home button could be a deciding factor when choosing a new iPhone. The X doesn't have one, and if you buy it, you'll be controlling it using hand gestures. However, the iPhone 8 and the Plus both have the button.

With the revelation of the iPhone X, Apple revealed that it uses facial I.D. recognition and has gotten rid of the fingerprint scanner. It uses FaceID to unlock the phone and authenticate payments. Apple says this is more secure than TouchID. Both the 8 and 8 Plus kept the fingerprint scanner.

Another element to keep in mind is the iPhone's camera. Both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X have a second telephoto lens for better zoom and DSLR-like portraits. Apple also added "Portrait Lighting" to Portrait Mode. This mimics studio lightening to improve shots. The X, however, has a slightly faster aperture and optical image stabilization on both lenses. It also features Portrait Mode on the front camera.

The last two factors you may want to consider are the release dates and the augmented reality functions in the phones. All three phones have Apple's AR kit for game play and stargazing.

However, the front TrueDepth camera on the X has a special setup for face mapping that can transform you into your favorite snapchat filter or an Animoji version of yourself.