Improve your iPhone performance with these secret iOS 11 features

iPhone 8 was among the new product upgrades announced Tuesday, Sept. 12.
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(CNN) -- Along with adding a new design and bigger features such as augmented reality support, Apple added a number of smaller changes and setting options to iOS 11 that you may be unaware of.

• With the new update, you can add the buttons you want to the control center. This means you control what shortcuts appear in the new Control Center by going into settings.

• iOS 11 makes it easier to share your WiFi password with others. The update notifies you when someone wants to use your WiFi, and you can tap "send password" to that person, which allows them to use it without manually typing in a complicated password.

• Apple's update allows users to scan QR codes. Just point your camera at any QR code and a notification appears to open Safari.

• iOS 11 can help block pop-up windows from apps asking for reviews. Go to Settings, followed by iTunes & App Store. Then, tap the switch for In-App Ratings and Reviews.

• The new iOS update also allows users to take live photos of video calls. To take a photo during a FaceTime call, you must press the white button in the bottom left corner of the screen. For this to work, both participants need to have iOS 11 running and Live Photos turned on.

If you take a live picture, the other person will be notified. To keep others from taking photos of you during a FaceTime call, you can turn off the option in FaceTime's settings.

• Users can now type questions to Siri instead of speaking. If you turn this feature on, however, Siri will no longer respond to spoken requests.

• With iOS 11, you can also save webpages as PDFs and mark on them. Just select the 'share' button at the bottom of the screen while in Safari and scroll until you see the Create PDF option.

• You can start writing notes on an iPad just by tapping the Apple Pencil on the iPad's lock screen. You can also engage more with your friends and family by using Apple's updated messaging features.