David Cassidy dies at age 67

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LOS ANGELES (AP/CNN) -- Former teen idol David Cassidy of "The Partridge Family" has died at age 67, his publicist said.

CNN reported on Monday that Cassidy was being treated at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area hospital. He was in the intensive care unit with organ failure, and a breathing tube was installed, his publicist said Monday.

Cassidy's publicist did not say what had caused the organ failure.

Cassidy told People magazine earlier this year he was battling dementia.

The teen and pre-teen idol starred in the 1970s sitcom and sold millions of records as the musical group’s lead singer.

“The Partridge Family” aired from 1970-74 and was intended at first as a vehicle for Shirley Jones, the Oscar winning actress and Cassidy’s stepmother. Jones played Shirley Partridge, a widow with five children with whom she forms a popular act that travels on a psychedelic bus. The cast featured Cassidy as eldest son and family heartthrob Keith Partridge.