Duck in North Knox Co. pond healthy and safe after freeze concerns

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Customer Megan McNish said she was looking for the drop box to pay her water bill when she discovered a duck in the pond at the Hallsdale-Powell Utility building.

"I thought he was fake," said McNish. "so at first I was just looking at it, sending my sister pictures. And then when I walked past him to locate the box, I noticed that he was quacking."

When she realized the duck was moving, but surrounded by ice, she and her sister decided to call for help from Knox County Animal Control.
The Animal Control dispatcher told her they were sending someone to check it out.

Hallsdale-Powell management confirmed that an animal control officer did visit Wednesday morning to check on their duck, named Aflac. However, the manager said Aflac is a well cared for duck with his own custom-built duck shelter to use if he wishes.

Manager Cody Humphrey sad, "He is now a member of Hallsdale-Powell and the members get good enjoyment out of him. He puts a smile on everybody's face coming and going."

Workers at Hallsdale-Powell had already rescued Aflac from the icy pond on New Year's Day when the pond froze around him. Because of workers being on site 24-hours a day at the utility office, there is always someone there to check on the duck.

By mid-morning Wednesday, Aflac was resting on the grass next to the pond and foraging for bugs on the lawn, as well as eating the food workers give him every day..

Aflac has lived at the Hallsdale-Powell on Cunningham Road for the past year, since a motorist rescued him from the road.