Health warning: No hair dyes for kids

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(BBC) -- At what age should young people be able to use hair dyes on their own heads? It's a matter industry professionals and some salons have disagreed on, the BBC reports.

The BBC reported hair dye products should not be used for children under the age of 16, according to manufacturers of hair dye products and professionals within the industry. However, BBC Wales sent an undercover 12-year-old to 17 salons, and the child was offered appointments for hair dyes at 16 of them.

The BBC reported hair dyes contain chemicals that could cause allergic reactions. Those reactions, which could be severe in some cases, should be tested with a skin patch test on salon customers over the age of 16.

Hairdressers in Wales told the BBC that they were "absolutely appalled" that any stylists would have allowed a child under the age of 16 to receive a hair dye treatment.

"They should've all said, 'I'm sorry, you're not 16, we can't do it,' and sent her away," industry expert Shirley Davis said. "If they did something with this young girl and she had an anaphylactic shock, she could die—that's how serious it is."