How valuable are your old toys?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Online articles have popped up saying certain VHS tapes could be worth thousands of dollars. But, is that actually the case?

Greg Mason is a vintage toy expert. He's the founder of the Vintage Toy Picker. He says people trying to sell these movies for thousands of dollars shouldn't hold their breath.

"Anything made after the late 1980s, they're still going to make a whole lot of it. I don't think it's ever going to reach a huge amount of money," said Mason.

Even so, Mason says 'Memory Lane' could still be a pretty profitable place to live.

"The old comic books from the 1930s up to the 60s... Marvel titles, DC titles, Superman, Batman," he lists.

Old comic books, action figures, even Barbie dolls from the 1950s can be worth a nice chunk of change as collectibles. Mason says the key is in the condition.

He says if they're not in original packaging or the set isn't complete, the value goes way down. As for the newer toys, like Beanie Babies, Mason says they aren't as valuable because they were mass produced.

"There's still some of the early ones, first edition ones that are rare. But overall, you can't get 50 cents for most of them," he said.

For most, the memories of childhood will be worth more than the toys. But, you never know where a trip down memory lane will take you.

"Storage units, attics, basements, closets in the back bedroom...You never know what you're going to find that could be worth a few bucks," said Mason.

Mason buys, sells, and trades vintage toys. Mason can be reached at or (865) 389-2029. More information can be found at