Hurricane quadrants

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Billy asked why the impact of Hurricane Matthew was greater for some than others.

You've probably heard about the eye of the storm and the eye wall, where the winds are strongest. There are also four quadrants to a hurricane. These segments have their strengths because of the rotation of the storm.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the most destructive section of the storm is usually in the eyewall area to the right of the eye, known as the right-front quadrant. Based on the direction of movement of a hurricane during landfall, this section of the storm tends to have higher winds, seas, and storm surge.

So when the eye of Matthew stayed further out to sea along the east coast of Florida, the left front quadrant was moving along the cost. As the coast of Florida to Georgia and the Carolinas turns more northeast, that front right quadrant and the eye wall had more of a direct impact with the coast.

That's why knowing the potential hurricane damage is important and to evacuate if need be.