Sections of a hurricane and their impacts

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Jeff wanted to know why the impact of a hurricane is different in some spots where it makes landfall.

A hurricane is a rotating mass of thunderstorms. While the strongest winds are near the center of circulation, or the eye wall, there are parts of a hurricane that bring their own dangers.

A hurricane can be broken into four quadrants, each of which is dangerous. Based on the direction the hurricane is moving, the front-right quadrant can be considered the most destructive. This is where there tends to be higher winds and high water.

The left-front quadrant usually has the most significant storm surge. Storm surge is a rice in the ocean water, as it is pulled inland with the hurricane.

The back-right quadrant comes with significant winds.

The back-left quadrant is the weakest of the four, but can still be dangerous.