Knoxville mom stuck with 40K loan after forged signature

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Knoxville mom told Local 8 News she no longer talks to her daughter because of her criminal behavior.

"It was like a light going off," said Deanna High. "You just have to forget that you're even relatives because they're just no good."

It's a hard lesson she's had to learn, one that's cost her time an money, money she doesn't have. Mrs. High says a collection agency has been contacting her nonstop for payment on college loans.

"My daughter forged me as a co-signer," she claims. "We had no intention of paying for her student loans, but she did it anyway."

Deanna's daughter, Connie High, 32, is currently locked up at the Knox County Jail. According to jail records she is charged with forgery and simple possession of a controlled substance.

"She kept telling me she would take care of it, but she never did," said High. "I should have gotten a lawyer right then and there. With interest they're now asking for $40,000."

High has since hired a lawyer and is working with the Knox County Police Department to provide proof that her daughter forged her signature.

She's hoping to have the situation rectified in six month. In the meantime she's warning other parents to check their credit scores and be mindful of their children's activities.