Krystal hamburgers: Made in Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A southern staple began just the road in Chattanooga. In his weekly series, Made in Tennessee, Local 8 News Anchor Alan Williams explains how Krystal hamburgers got their start.

The commercials have changed over the years, but the basic concept of Krystal hamburgers has stayed the same.

The chain was started by two men in Chattanooga on October 24, 1932.

They took the name Krystal after one of the owner's wives saw a crystal in someone's yard. The crystal was part of their creed to provide a crystal clean restaurant and good food. They took the name and changed it by using a "K".

Now the company is based in Atlanta and employs more than 7,000 people with 360 franchises in 11 states.