LG says its new phone keeps mosquitoes away

(CNN) -- LG says its new phone, the LG K7i, has technology which will ward off mosquitoes.

The phone was launched at the India Mobile Congress this week, and the company said it is embedded with technology that emits ultrasonic waves which repel mosquitoes.

The company reports that the waves, "are absolutely safe and harmless for humans."

Other LG products, such as air conditioners and TVs, already have the technology, and certain apps claim to use similar tech as well. However, LG claims this is the first phone with this embedded ability.

The price of the LG K7i is 7,990 rupees, equal to $122. LG is considering rolling the phone out to other countries.

LG reportedly conducted a study to test the effectiveness of the technology and concluded that the phone repelled 72% of disease-spreading mosquitoes on average.

However, scientists have questioned just how well ultrasonic mosquito repellents work. At least ten studies in the last 15 years, according to the American Mosquito Control Association, have "unanimously denounced" them.