Man finds three horses shot, killed in Kentucky

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JOHNSON CO., Ky (WYMT) - Deputies in Johnson County, Kentucky, need your help finding those responsible for killing three horses.

They were found on a mountain in the Greasy community, where several horses roam the hills.

Earlier this week, a man rescued one of the horses, but when he went back for a second they were gone.

"I'd seen the marks where they had been chased," that man said.

For hours, his family searched the mountain for the animals.

They eventually found the pack of horses, along with three others, shot and killed.

That man led deputies to the horses Wednesday morning.

"My thoughts is how can someone just shoot a horse for no reason," deputy Terry Tussey added. "The horses looked healthy, they appear to be healthy."

The man who found the horses did not want us to use his name, fearing what those responsible could do.

"Whoever did do it is still out there," he said. "Anybody in my mind and heart that would shoot an animal like that, with no purpose, would probably harm a human."

The man said the horses are not aggressive.

Deputies called in rescue groups from across the state to move the other horses to a safer place.

If you know who is responsible for killing the animals you can call deputies at (606) 789-3411.