Mother claims her 15-year-old son was given an STD test without her consent

JONESBORO, Ill. (KFVS) - The mother of a student at Anna-Jonesboro High School in Illinois told KFVS she's furious after learning that her teenage son had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases at school without parental consent.

"I'm furious...just beyond furious with this," said the mother.

But according to KFVS, it's legal in the state of Illinois.

"If my son is being tested for an STD, I want to know. If my son is having to be given medicine, I want to know," she said. "If my son took this pill, which he did, and he had an allergic reaction and he never told me this situation was going on I would have never known why he would be having an allergic reaction."

At the beginning of the school year, the school requests written consent from parents for the child to use the school's health clinic.

Superintendent Rob Wright sent the following statement to KFVS:

"Parents given a packet regarding the SIU Family and Community Medicine Anna-Jonesboro School Health Center, which contains an Authorization for Medical Care and Registration Form which must be signed by the parents/guardians. This is the "written parental consent."

Illinois State Law says it's legal for kids over the age of 12 to be tested without parental consent.