New report lists hundreds of EpiPen failures during emergencies

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/CBS) – According to a new report, hundreds of complaints have been filed this year concerning the EpiPen failing to work during life-threatening emergencies – with several of the failures leading to deaths.

The EpiPen, which injects a drug that can stop allergic reactions, was recently in the news after the pen's maker, Mylan, drastically raised its price.

A new report from Bloomberg showed that 228 people have reported EpiPen failures so far in 2017, up from four reports in 2012. This year's failures reportedly led to seven deaths and 35 hospitalizations.

According to CBS News, Mylan said the report is "misleading" and has more to do with more people paying attention to the company and an increase in prescriptions.