Rest easy on your Made in Tennessee mattress from Johnson City

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- If you need a good night's sleep, the Johnson City Bedding Company has just what you need.

Sometimes bigger isn't always better. That's certainly the case inside Johnson City Bedding Company, which is the southeastern region's manufacturer for the Restonic mattress.

"Johnson City Bedding Company is one of the smaller manufacturers around the country. There's about 550 of them, and we're kind of in the mid-range," said Bob Parker, president of Johnson City Bedding Company.

At 85,000 mattresses and box springs being made every year, it may be tough to imagine that the company ranks as one of the smaller manufacturers, but Parker is first to admit that they are just fine with their positioning. In fact, Parker is proud of where they stand.

"We're probably not going to become a mega, multi-billion dollar business. That's not our goal. We like our size. Instead of trying to be bigger, we're trying to be better," Parker said.

Parker said Johnson City Bedding Company is proud of their size because it means they can be more focused on what the customer truly wants from their bed. Instead of only making cookie-cutter type mattresses, Johnson City Bedding Company's size allows them to make custom orders for their customers. It also allows for a higher level of quality control for the business.

From start to finish, virtually the entire process of making a bed is done by hand. The box springs are assembled by hand, the pillow tops are sewn to the mattress by hand, and all other mattress components are attached or sewn with a personal touch. The only automated part in making a mattress is the design that is stitched into the mattress top. That's a point of pride for Parker.

"We inspect it by hand, we use eyes on inspect and do a final trim of any strings or threads or anything on the mattress before it's packaged and shipped out," he said.

Johnson City Mattress Company has been in the business of creating a place to rest your body since 1934. It started with a husband and wife who eventually grew the business and then sold it to the Parker family. The company uses as many local products as possible to build its box springs and mattresses and has never shipped jobs overseas. For them, keeping things local is the only way they know how to do what they do.

"Most of the components are made just within a few miles of Johnson City, so we're supporting local businesses. So it's really nice that we're seeing more and more manufacturing move back to the U.S.," Parker said.

Johnson City Mattress Company sells its mattresses through retail furniture and bedding stores in the local seven state area.

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