STUDY: Drinking problems related to where you live

(CBS TAMPA BAY) -- A new study reported that drinking problems are related to location.

University of Washington researchers followed over 500 people in the Seattle area and discovered that residents in neighborhoods with high poverty and crime rates tended to drink twice as much in an average week than residents in more stable areas.

“The connection between poverty and disorganization and alcohol use may not be all that surprising,” co-author Rick Kosterman said in a university release. “But when you find that this connection may be even more important than the location of bars and liquor stores, then it’s those characteristics of a neighborhood that we want to pay attention to.”

Another recent study, done by Detox, published their results on which state had the highest percentage of drinkers, heavy drinkers and binge drinkers. Tennessee is in the middle in all three categories. Wisconsin has the highest percentage of drinkers, while Puerto Rico has the lowest.

Heavy drinkers are found in Washington D.C., as they are number one in that category. West Virginia has the lowest percentage of heavy drinkers. D.C. had the highest percentage of binge drinkers while West Virginia had the lowest.