Salon Visage gets you ready for fall with new hairstyles

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) ---- It's officially fall in East Tennessee.

Salon Visage wants to make sure your hair looks the best, and is in season.

These are styles for both men and women.

We saw two different styles for men and women.

With men, it's popular to get tighter fades on the side, with longer hair on top.

The fade on the side seems to be popular, and in the other style the back ins a little messier and doesn't require as much product.

A women's hairstyle we saw was very popular last year.

It's a denim with blush accents. Typically we see longer hair as it gets colder, this is a shorter look.

Lastly, we looked at a cut that was inspired by the fall colors.

She had dark undertones, but it was heavily highlighted.