Single mom goes from broke to blessed

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's a single mother's story of success: An East Tennessee woman was devastated by her divorce, but instead of getting depressed, she got busy creating a business.

Last year, Jessi Sexton was expecting her life to get tough.

"I knew I was about to be a single mom, I knew I was not going to be able to provide for my family on the income from my current job," she said.

Sexton worked at a spa, and after a bad day at work, she noticed a sign driving home.

"I was driving down this parkway and saw this big white sign that said 'for lease,' and I just kind of whipped in the parking lot, tears everywhere," Sexton said.

Sexton told Local 8 News it was a sign from above, one that would change her life forever. Sexton signed at five-year lease for a small unit in a shopping center in Sevierville. She quickly learned there would be a lot of work to do on the run-down rental.

"I opened the door and cobwebs came out out to my face, it was the ugliest thing I've ever seen," Sexton said.

She opened the doors to Wanderlust Salon and Spa two weeks after she bought it. Sexton told Local 8 News she made $77 her first month in business, but after many renovations and good reviews from clients, she said she profited a lot more.

"I'm pretty much booked solid in under a year, everyday, booked enough now where I have a front desk girl and I have one other stylist," Sexton said.

There are many who have gone to see Sexton to get their hair done, and they said they refuse to go anywhere else. Sexton said she wants her clients to feel like family.

"She's a really hard worker, it's just amazing for a single mom, to see what she's done and where she's been, it's good to see good things happen to good people," hair client Taffy Cox said.

Sexton told Local 8 News if she can make her dreams come true, anyone can.

"I've learned that you can pretty much do whatever you put your mind to, because as a single mom I've had everything against me," Sexton said.