Storm season outlook

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Amanda Houser says she loves storms, and she wanted to know what the storm season for the summer looked like.

Seasonal outlooks are more of a “big picture” trend. The latest outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center leave us with a hot summer. There’s a 60-70% chance for temperatures to be above normal from June through August.

Precipitation is has a 50/50 shot for average. The main develop region for systems, East of the Rockies into the Midwest, has above average rainfall on the 3-month outlook.

The extra heat can help to create more storms this summer!

In Knoxville, June averages a high of 82 degrees to start the month and 88 degrees by the end of the month. July sticks with an average daily high of 88 degrees. August spends most of the month with an average high of 88 degrees, and takes only a step back of one degree by the end of the month.