Student questioned by TSA for giving Texas Tech 'finger gun' salute

Credit: Texas Tech

(FOX) -- A sign of school spirit turned into an ordeal for one Texas Tech student.

Diana Durkin was stopped by TSA before a Jan. 6 flight out of a Houston airport after giving a finger gun "Wreck 'em" slogan to a fellow Texas Tech fan, FOX News reports.

Durkin was reportedly waiting in a security line when she spotted a man in a Texas Tech hoodie and threw up a finger gun. Durkin tweeted that she was flagged by TSA jus after the gesture.

“In the airport security line and I see someone wearing a Texas Tech hoodie and I look at them and do the gun hand signal because wreck em amiright [sic]. tsa is now pulling me aside to talk to me,” she wrote in a viral post.

Durkin told Buzzfeed the TSA agent gave her a full screening and pat down.