Wealthy car owners placing spikes on trees to avoid bird droppings

(CBS) -- Wealthy residents in one British neighborhood have found a new way to stop birds from leaving droppings on their vehicles.

To prevent birds from leaving a mess, citizens in Bristol started placing spike strops on trees surrounding their expensive cars.

“The spikes are solely to protect the cars, there is no other reason,” an anonymous resident told the Bristol Post. “There is a big problem with bird droppings around here. They can really make a mess of cars, and for some reason they [the birds] do seem to congregate around this area.”

The residents said that though this option could be seen as cruel, other methods had been used and failed.

Pictures of the neighborhood were posted to social media and people quickly responded in outrage to an act they considered inhumane.

“I’m lost for words at how appalling this is,” one person commented. Another person called the spikes a “war on wildlife” in a Twitter post that was re-tweeted over 7,000 times.

The practice may be unpopular, but there is not much that the Bristol City Council can do because the tree limbs reportedly fall outside of the city's "tree preservation orders."