West Nile virus prompts mosquito spraying in 5 Knox County areas

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The West Nile virus has been found in five areas — including one horse affected — and The Knox County Health Department has announced plans to spray for mosquitoes in these areas.

Lab testing has confirmed the virus's presence in Culex mosquitoes in the Fairmont Boulevard area in North Knoxville, Venice Road area of West Knox County, Milligan Street area of East Knoxville and Stone Road area of South Knoxville. In the Hardin Valley area, a horse tested positive for West Nile virus. However similar to crows and jays, horses can not transfer the virus to humans.

Spraying has been scheduled in these areas between 8:45 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 24 and Monday, Sept. 25. The health department said signs will be posted to alert residents in the affected areas, reminding people to stay inside during these times and to keep their pets either indoors or in the backyard.

The health department is encouraging residents to reduce the chance of mosquito bites:

- Apply repellents often — the CDC recommends ones that include DEET, Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or para-menthane 3.

- Socks and long, loose, light-colored clothing can help keep mosquitoes away.

- Clothing can be treated with permethrin, or can be purchased pre-treated.

- Regularly empty of dispose of items that collect water, such as tires, cans, flower pots, children's toys or trash cans.

- In things like bird baths or garden pools, treat these large water-holding advices with larvicides.

The health department has more tips to keep mosquitos at bay on its website.

A full list of areas scheduled for treatment on Sunday, Sept. 24, weather permitting. A follow up spraying is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 8:

Fairmont Boulevard:
Mineral Springs Avenue, from Walker Boulevard to Whittle Springs Road; Walker Boulevard, from Mineral Springs Avenue to Powers Street; Montclair Avenue; Underwood Place; White Oak Lane; Valley View Drive, from Whittle Springs Road to White Oak Lane; McCampbell Avenue; Upland Avenue; Tecoma Drive; Arbor Place; Maxwell Street; Emoriland Boulevard east of Kuhlman Street; Fairmont Boulevard, from Kuhlman Street to Maxwell Street; Avondale, from Whittle Springs to Maxwell Street; Boright Place; Boright Drive, from Whittle Springs Road to Maxwell Street; McNutt Street; Brunswick Street; Whitney Place; Forestdale Avenue, from Whittle Springs Road to Maxwell Street; Edgewood Avenue, from Barton Street to Maxwell Street; Barton Street, from Edgewood to Fairmont; Albert Avenue, from Barton Street to Fairview Street; Nickerson Avenue, from Barton Street to Bellevue Street; Fairview Street, from Nickerson Avenue to Edgewood Avenue; Clearview Street; Orlando Street; Bellevue Street; Derieux Drive; Seymour Avenue; Sandra Avenue; Shaw Drive; Fontana Street; Fairwood Avenue; Powers Street; and Miami Street.

Milligan Street:
All areas east of North Cherry Street, west of Prosser Road, north of Magnolia Avenue, and south of I-40.

Stone Road:
Stone Road; Wise Hills Road; Echodale Lane; Magazine Road; Stoneoak Lane; Royal Heights Drive; Grandin Drive; Judith Drive; Larry Drive; Beechwood Drive; Liveoak Lane; Sarvis Drive; Maple Loop Road to West Red Bud Road; and West Red Bud Road.

Areas scheduled for treatment on Monday, Sept. 25, weather permitting. A follow up spraying is scheduled on Monday, Oct. 9 for the following areas:

Gulf Park/Venice Road:
Dutchtown Road from Christian Academy of Knoxville to Blessed Way, including Manis Lane and the area around CAK; Embarcadero Drive; Cortez Drive; Tallahassee Drive; Sanders Road from Dutchtown Road to Venice Road; Venice Road; Ethans Glen Drive; Tampa Road; Suwannee Road; Gulf Park Drive; Galveston Road; Naples Road; Sarasota Drive; Mobile Drive; Briarwood Drive; Laurel Hill Road; and the areas around Cedar Bluff Primary and Middle schools.

Hardin Valley:
Covered bridge at Hardin Valley subdivision; Hickory Woods Estates; Hickory Creek Road from East Gallaher Ferry Road to West Gallaher Ferry Road; part of West Gallaher Ferry Road; and Creekside Manor subdivision.