What is a redbud winter?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Did you know we just had a Redbud Winter? That’s the good ol’ term for these cold snaps around the time that spring blooms are coming in.

This area is notorious for having blasts of cold move in March, and even in April. While many think “it’s Spring”, it’s really a time of transition in East Tennessee.

Redbuds bloom in mid to late March. The cold snap and snow in the higher elevations timed out with the Redbud Trees blooming, and that is simply why it’s called a Redbud Winter.

Dogwoods bloom in April in East Tennessee. (That’s why the annual Dogwood Arts Festival falls in April.) Any cold snap or even snow in this time, is called a Dogwood Winter. The average last freeze in Knoxville is April 6th, and average last frost is April 19th.

Just a little later, and you may find a Blackberry Winter. Blackberries tend to bloom soon after the Dogwoods, so a strong cold front at this time may coincide with these blooms.

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