When do you need Tamiflu?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) There's powerful medication to fight back against this deadly flu season,
but sometimes patients can not get their medicine.

Tamiflu can lessen flu symptoms and shorten the time you have it.
With the flu season off to a fierce start, people want to know there is enough of the potentially lifesaving medication to go around.

"Pharmacy's will kind of estimate how many they're going to need for the season, and once they've ordered that many sometimes it's difficult to order more," said Belew Drug Pharmacist Brandon Ladage.

Ladage told Local 8 News, fingers crossed, but it looks like east Tennessee has enough Tamiflu on hand for an outbreak.

Can Tamiflu be used to prevent the flu?

Some doctors prescribe it for people just in case they get sick, but before you stockpile, hold on.

"I would only recommend Tamiflu as a preventive if there was somebody high risk, but typically I would not recommend it," said Ladage.

People who do need the medicine can have a roadblock: money.

"Tamiflu is expensive, insurances seem to be about 50/50 on paying for it," said Ladage

It could cost you around $100 or more depending on insurance. Ladage told Local 8 News the price definitely prevents a lot of people from getting it.