Woman gets VIP treatment as only passenger on international flight

Photo: Karon Grieve
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CRETE, Greece (WVLT) -- A Scottish woman caught the last flight to Crete, Greece, of the season and got the entire flight to herself.

Karon Grieve was all set to leave on Sunday, Oct. 22, for her flight to Greece, where she said she planned to soak up some sun and work on her crime novel series set in Scotland. Her plans included staying in Crete for a month of writing and relaxation.

When she checked in at her flight desk, however, Grieve received a surprise: only three people were booked as passengers on the international flight. She joked with the attendant about the flight's size, only to find out once she boarded the flight she would be the only passenger on board.

The airline informed her the flight had to make the trip since it was the last of the season, and the plane would need to travel to Greece in order to bring back a full flight of 189 passengers. So, Grieve took the trip as the solitary passenger on board.

"The pilot was a woman, which was lovely, and the only man was the first officer. There were four stewardesses, so we women outnumbered the men no problem," Grieve told Local 8 News.

The flight was a personalized affair, with the pilot making announcements over the communications system directed towards "Karon and the girls."

Grieve said she was treated as a VIP on the plane, explaining, "I got the best seat on the plane, free food and drink, and I could run up and down the flight like a five-year-old, which I did!"

"The stewardess told me, 'When that seat belt sign goes off, feel free to run up and down the aisle,' and I did!" Grieve laughed.

Grieve said she received another unexpected gift when the pilot directed a message to "Karon and the girls." The pilot said if they would run over to windows on one side of the plane, they would be able to experience a fantastic lightning storm.

"The plane was just flying through it like a ship, totally calm," said Grieve.

Grieve said the flight up was only a one-time experience for her. Her return trip will include connecting flights from Crete to Athens, and from Athens to Edinburgh.

Grieve said she had received "some really nasty stuff" on social media, citing critical comments about wasting supplies on a flight for one person.

However, Grieve said she was pleased the attention to her flight had impressed her daughter.

"I'm trending!" she said. "It's difficult to impress a teenager, and my daughter was impressed."