Inside of Knoxville: Post Modern Spirits

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- A new distillery in downtown Knoxville is bringing people to the Old City.

Credit: Alan Sims Inside of Knoxville. Post Modern Spirits, 205 West Jackson, Knoxville, August 2017

Alan Sims takes us there in this week's Inside of Knoxville. It's called Post Modern Spirits, right next to Pour at the Jackson Terminal.

It's another sign of light industrial manufacutring making downtown it's home. The distillery produces gin, rum and vodka. They opened their doors this month.

"It's a low footprint, but it actually makes our second distillery here in Knoxville. (Knoxville) Not only known for craft beer but also the distilleries. It's kind of excviting. It makes a Knoxville product that can't only be sold here but elsewhere and puts us on the map a little bit," said Sims.

The distillery is in the heart of a big construction project happening in the old city. We're going to talk to Sims next week about when to expect that to be done.