Pinspiration: Ham roll ups

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Need something quick to put together for an Easter gathering or cookout?

There are several versions of this recipe on Pinterest, but we're giving credit to Bobbie in Hartford for this one. So we'll call this one Bobbie's Ham Roll Ups.

This is an easy recipe that is also very inexpensive. All the ingredients together cost between $12-$15 depending on the brand.


Large tortilla or wrap (spinach, or wheat for a healthier option)

Cream cheese (low fat for healthier option) (1/2 block)


Ham- sliced, deli style.

Spread half a block of cream cheese on the wrap, then place 2-4 slices of the ham on top, the lettuce is next. Roll it together then cut in half inch slices.