Wallet Wednesday: Keeping your utility bill low

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Keeping your house cool can be hard and expensive.

In this week's Wallet Wednesday, we're talking about ways to drop that bill.

Scott Higgins with Prudent Energy Systems said there are things you can look for inside your home.

He said if you see a line of dirty carpet under a door that means the carpet is acting like an air filter and outside air is infiltrating your home.

Higgins also said to make sure entrances to attics have weather stripping on them. Look for holes around electrical and plumbing. Even small leaks can add up to a big loss.

"It is equivalent to having this window open all year round," said Higgins, showing a window partially open.

He suggests taking a look at any crawl spaces and check for holes where electrical or plumbing may be connected. Closing up small leaks can help.

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