Plaintiff in Engagement Ring Lawsuit Responds to Publicity

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Knoxville (WVLT) The man who sued a former Knoxville television reporter over an engagement ring is responding to the publicity surrounding the case.

Jason Crippen's attorney Adam Priest says Crippen asked him to make a public statment for him.

The statement reads, "Mr. Crippen asked me to make a public statement that Ms. Campbell is a good person and that the parties had an unfortunate disagreement that led to the court system being called on to decide the fate of the engagement ring Mr. Crippen gave to Ms. Campbell. It was never Mr. Crippen's intent that any negative light fall onto Ms. Campbell and he wishes to make it clear that she is a quality individual."

Priest's statement says Crippen and likely Campbell did not expect this case to generate as much publicity as it has.

The Tennessee State Court of Appeals ruled Monday, Campbell must return the $35,000 ring to her former fiancé, Jason Crippen.

The court's ruling sets a precedent in the state.

Judge Charles Susano writes, "We hold that an engagement ring is given in contemplation of marriage, and, as such, is implied a conditional gift."

Originally, a Circuit Court Judge in Knox County ruled Campbell could keep the 3 carat ring because it was a gift.

But, the Court of Appeals ruling looks at the intent of the gift.

Campbell, reached at work at WSMV-TV in Nashville yesterday, declined comment.

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