Four Knox County Commissioners Take Stand

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Testimony continued Thursday morning in the Knox County Sunshine trial.

Through the morning, commissioner's Ivan Harmon, Tony Norman, Mark Cawood and Mike Hammond all testified before noon.

Attorney Herb Moncier pointed out that Ivan Harmon turned in his personal cell phone records but not his company cell phone records which he uses the most.

Records from Scott Moore show 22 phone calls with Harmon between January 12th and 31st.

Harmon admitted he discussed candidates over the phone with Harmon, contrary to what Moore told the jury when he testified.

Tony Norman talked about the ethical issues he had and still has with the Josh Jordan and Frank Leuthold appointments.

That's because they're family members of commissioners.

Norman said the January 31st meeting was wrong and he personally felt like it was rigged.

"All I can say Mr. Hollow is that this body was dysfunctional before the meeting and it may be more dysfunctional since this deliberation has taken place," Norman said.

Norman also revealed that John Schmid approached him during a recess and told him Richard Cate was trying to be sworn in early.

Norman says he talked to no one about nominees during the January 31st meeting.

Mark Cawood told the jury he never asked anyone to vote for his wife Sharon despite what other commissioners testified.

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