Infant's Family Talks About Nursery Abuse

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Jefferson City (WVLT) -- The family of the four month old infant found in a dark room with a pacifier taped to his mouth sat down and talked to WVLT on Thursday.

"I was totally shocked that it happened there," said Thelma Fishel.

Fishel says Deshawn, her four month old great grandchild, is going to be OK after DHS workers allegedly found a pacifier taped to his mouth at Noah's Ark Nursery and Preschool.

She says they had gotten a good recommendation about the Jefferson City business when they needed a daycare facility in early August.

"It was the first one, actually, we went to," Fishel said. "His mom, my granddaughter, knew Miss Kim who runs it."

But that all changed when she was contact by daycare officials on Tuesday.

"She said it involved Deshawn and I just knew I had to get there, so it didn't take me long," Fishel said.

According to the great-grandmother, when she arrived to the daycare, police were on hand to tell her what happened.

"I think that person, whoever did it, should never be around children," she said. "I can't understand anyone doing such a thing."

"A daycare should take care of the children like they're one of their children, treat them just like you would your child," said Connie Toner, Deshawn's grandmother.

Deshawn is now spending his time with Great-Grandmother Fishel as his mother is away during the day.

"I was very glad that it was nothing any more serious than it was," Fishel said.

Officials say an anonymous tip led authorities to make their find, a fact that family members are thankful.

"I was just very glad that whoever the anonymous person is that called, that they called," Fishel said.

Right now it doesn't look like Deshawn will be heading back to any daycare any time soon.

Fishel told us they are just taking it one day at a time.

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