Toy Recall Touches Show

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Massive recalls are prompting Target, Wal-Mart, Joanne's, and other major retailers to send many of their toys back to their makers.

But what's being done to make sure those toys aren't still out there for sale?

We went to the Knoxville Toy Expo to see how dealers are coping.

Barbie dolls, action figures and play trains.

They are innocent enough.

But they are also examples of the toys now at the center of public attention.

All because of the dangerous levels of lead they may contain.

It's a revelation that worries parents like Lisa Kennedy.

"There were a couple of Dora things that I was really concerned about because she plays with those a lot," Kennedy said. "They weren't one of the ones on the recall list, so I was pretty lucky."

But many parents aren't so lucky.

On Wednesday, federal regulators recalled more than half a million toys.

Many with "Made In China" written on the label.

"I think it's to be expected," said Fred Skeele, a toy dealer. "America's are making all their toys in China and of course the Chinese have a different way of doing their business than we do. I think it's to be expected that we are going to have these problems."

Problems that many toy dealers say, they wind up having to pay for.

"If we have it, we pull it," Skeele said. "We take it off the shelf and either eat the costs or take it back"

Despite the recent recalls, shows like the Knoxville Toy Expo still maintain the highest standards.

We found one toy from a recent Disney movie that was on the recall list, but it had already been removed from its display.

Dealers say the Toy Expo is more geared towards adult collectors.

"Me and my friends just enjoy coming around and looking at all the old stuff we had from when we were younger," said Brandon Johnson.

For them, toys such as the Disney toy often become more valuable if they're on a recall list.

They say adult collectors rarely take their toys out of the box.

"I haven't had one kid ask me about a Hot Wheels," Skeele said, "it's all been people my age and older."

But as the number of recalls grows, so does the burden on parents to monitor the toys their kids do play with.

For the latest list of recalls, you can click on the link below.

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