Tennessee Woman Sues Casino For Addiction


CORYDON, Ind. (AP) -- A judge has rejected Caesars Indiana's request to dismiss a Tennessee woman's lawsuit claiming the casino exploited her gambling addiction.

Harrison Circuit Judge H. Lloyd Whitis' ruling in the case brought by Jenny Kephart of Nashville could open the door to a trial examining a casino's responsibilities toward compulsive gamblers.

Whitis did not explain why he denied Caesars' motion for dismissal Friday.

Kephart counter-sued Caesars in May after the casino sued her to recover $125,000 that she had lost in a single night of gambling in 2006.

She alleges Caesars knew that she had received a $1 million inheritance and enticed her with free meals and rooms and provided money on credit for her to gamble, despite knowing she was a compulsive gambler.

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