Moncier: Commissioners "Must Be Removed From Their Offices"

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Knoxville (WVLT) Now that the jury has finished its work in the Knox County Sunshine Lawsuit case, it's up to the judge to decide what to do next.

Chancellor Daryl Fansler's written decision is expected sometime Thursday.

Attorney Herb Moncier, who represents the people in the lawsuit, has filed a motion for the judge to consider as he makes his decision.

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has been reviewing the latest developments.

Attorney Herb Moncier has made good on a promise he made in court Tuesday just minutes after the jury reached its verdict; Moncier has filed a motion that he hopes will lead to the immediate removal of the office holders who were appointed by the county commission.

In May, the same court dismissed the Moncier's motion to remove the embattled appointments.

In his latest motion, Moncier argues that the jury's verdict changes everything and that "as a matter of law, officers appointed at the void January 31, 2007 meeting are holding office illegally and must be removed from their office".

Moncier also filed notices to both the Knox County Law Director and the District Attorney General asking them to remove the officers.

Of course the Chancellor will have the final word.

He has plenty to consider in issuing his opinion.

Those on all sides of the issue hope he will take on the difficult task of providing a road-map of where to go next.

This motion just represents the latest attempt by one attorney to help guide where that road leads, to removal of the office holders and a special election.

We'll continue to follow this story and we will bring you more on the decision when the Chancellor hands it down.

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