New Developments in Knox County Deadly Love Triangle Case

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) A new development in the case of a deadly Knox County love triangle between a man, his wife, and a student.

Volunteer TV has learned Eric McLean now is allowed to spend time with his eleven and eight year old boys.

Late Thursday, Knox County 4th Circuit Judge Bill Swann signed the temporary parenting plan order filed by Knoxville attorney Steve Sharp.

Sharp is handling Eric McLean's divorce from his wife Erin McLean.

The order gives Eric McLean visitation rights under the supervision of his parents.

The plan calls for Eric McLean to have time with the boys beginning Friday at 6 PM and continuing through Monday morning.

The plan calls for alternating weekends of visitation in weeks ahead.

The only problem, according to Sharp, he doesn't know where Eric's estranged wife Erin McLean is.

She has custody of the two boys.

In mid-September, Erin McLean picked the couple's children up from her mother's home and disappeared.

Her attorney, Gary Blackburn told Volunteer TV a week later that she had contacted him by e-mail and insured him they were fine.

Blackburn told us she was in another state with friends and had enrolled the couple's sons in school.

She has done nothing wrong and does not face any charges.

That could change if she doesn't allow Eric McLean to see them.

Eric McLean is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of 18-year-old Sean Powell as the teenager sat in a car outside the couple's home in March of this year.

Court testimony alleges Eric McLean was having an affair with Powell while she was a student teacher at West High School.

Eric McLean is out of jail on bond awaiting trial.

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