U.S.S. Tennessee Cheers On The Big Orange

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- The men and women of our armed forces aren't missing a beat thanks to a Tennessee teen who wanted to show her support.

We talked to few of those brave men and and women, who said "Tunes 4 The Troops" gives them a little taste of home while out on the sea.

On Saturday, sailors from the U.S.S. Tennessee left their nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine and came ashore, bound for Neyland Stadium.

"Although we might be stationed in St. Mary's, Georgia, let there be no doubt where our loyalties lie, Go Vols," exclaimed Commander Rhett Jahen.

Petty officer Aaron Hutchison grew up just down the road from Neyland Stadium, but has never been inside.

"This will be my first Vols game actually," he said. "I usually watch from the TV at my parents house."

But before heading to Big Orange Country, their first stop was Cleveland, Tennessee where an ambitious teen named Kaylee Radzyminski helps keep our troops in tune.

"She has collected CDs and DVDs from all across the country," said Cmdr. Jahen, "and they ship them overseas for soldiers and sailors in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the armed services."

More than 97,000 have been sent to our brave men and women.

Tennessee's sailors say it's one of the best packages they've received.

"There are some times when it's hard because you're separated from your family," said Cmdr. Jahen, "but knowing that you got the support from folks back home really makes a difference."

Kaylee started the program about two years ago because she wanted to show her support and respect.

Cmdr. Jahen says her efforts don't go unnoticed.

"It's great to get those CDs and know that there is someone who really cares about you, what you do and is really grateful for the sacrifices you make on behalf of the country really means a lot," he said.

Plus it gives them a little taste of their favorite parts of American culture.

"The men and women over there, they don't get that entertainment value and they miss that," said Master Chief Petty Officer Russ Mason, Tennessee's Chief of the Boat.

Before they headed back to defend protect our country, their entertainment was a sea of orange and white gracing Neyland Stadium.

"I have never seen this much orange in my life, I love it," exclaimed Master Chief Mason.

If you want to send your "Tunes to the Troops", you can click on the link below.

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